Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A Room For Them

Yesterday, I told you about how we moved the girls into a room of their own. Today, I thought I would share with you some photos of their new space. A place to live, sleep and play. With a little effort I think we have created a magic little space for two lovely little girls.

Some of my baby bunting

Fabric hoops. I love making these as they add so much character to any room. Holly picked out the fabrics from my stash.

Jennifer Pudney design needleworks that I made many years ago.

The room is a bit of a challenge, as it also houses an old coal range in the corner making it an interesting shape but the result is this lovely little alcove under the window. A perfect spot to play.

The girls birth samplers, made by their Nana.

And lastly, this cute little pic of Holly 'breastfeeding' her doll. She looks so little in such a big bed, but oh how she loves it. 


  1. What a gorgeous room! Such a pretty space, it does look quite whimsy & dreamy, I bet they'll adore it..

  2. that last picture is so precious! i love it!!!

  3. Yes aren't they so sweet doing their 'breastfeeding"? I will be interested to hear how the children go sleeping in their own room. We have a 3 year old and a 1 1/2 year old and we often have 4 in the bed. It's nice in some ways but really pretty uncomfortable. Sofia has her own room but doesn't last in there all night-sometimes only a few hours. Na'uli has a cot in our room but also wakes in the early hours and likes to get in with us. I have wondered about putting them in a room together....hmmmm

  4. what a gorgeous room for the girls and I love the netting used as a play area.
    my little miss also breastfeeds her babies, it's so sweet :)

  5. Lovely work with the fabric hoops, great combination.

  6. How much fun will they have in this lovely space!?!

    I've just discovered you via Blogtoberfest and so glad that I have...am now also following,

    x Felicity

  7. The room looks wonderful - very creative and inspiring!
    Love the pic of Holly feeding her baby - my little Munchkin does that too :)

  8. Oh that pic of Holly is too cute. I love all your personal touches - the handmade items give a room such warmth and character don't they.

  9. Beautiful, I just love the breast feeding pic too!!

  10. Very sweet room, airy and light. Love it!

  11. That is so beautiful. Well done you. I hope the girls have many very happy memories in their beautiful handmade room.


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