Saturday, October 23, 2010

Band Together

Today was the Band Together for Canterbury concert,  an amazing free show, put on to support the people of Christchurch following the 7.1 magnitude earthquake on the 4th of September. Featuring an impressive lineup off New Zealand's best musical talents, including Anika Moa, Opshop, Exponents, Dave Dobin, Bic Runga, the feelers and many many more.

The turn out was impressive, over 120, 000 people showed up for the afternoon. Christchurch put on a great day for it, and, best of all... no aftershocks (that I felt anyway!).

Such a fun way to chill out with friends and family for the afternoon. 

The littlies had a blast, rocking out with the best of them, those girls of mine sure know how to pull out the dance moves. I was really impressed with their stamina too- they just kept on rockin.

You couldn't wipe the smiles off their sweet little faces all day, like their Mama, they were in their element, making the most of the festival atmosphere. 

Oh happy day.


  1. What an awesome day!! glad it went so well and the aftershocks stayed away for a bit.

  2. What an amazing concert! Thanks for stopping by my blog:)

  3. Your photos are heaps better than mine, I went by myself and Huz came after work, so it was kinda hard to work the camera and stop Isla running off haha. Good times tho :)


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