Monday, October 11, 2010

Sweet Dreams Little One

This weekend just passed, I finally took a big step and moved the little one out of our room after almost 10 months.

I could have happily kept her in with us for a lot longer but since the earthquakes here a month ago, Holly has been too scared to sleep alone and our bed had become very crowded. So, it made sense to move both girls into a shared bedroom. They are both sleeping well in the new room but it is very odd for me to fall asleep without the gentle rhythm of the little ones breathing close by.

I haven't given up on co-sleeping altogether though, when Isla wakes in the early morning, we all snuggle into Holly's new queen bed, where the little one likes to curl up against me,  just like she has always done- Magic to a Mama's heart.


  1. What a lovely post. It's quite a wrench when they start to grow, but I can see they will always be your babies. Enjoy every minute it soon passes.

  2. Good idea on the queen sized bed - good for sleepovers also :) I still haven't moved Lala back to her room post quake, but Huz is away all week and selfish Mama wants the company!


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