Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A Craft Retreat

Last Friday, I left my crippled husband sitting on the couch with the TV remote, the phone and the heat-pump remote all within hands reach, and happily told him I would see him in two days time, before skipping out the door on my way to the much anticipated craft retreat. I had already sent Holly on her merry way earlier that morning for a 'special holiday at Nan and Pop's house'. So, with the car packed up and the little one strapped in her car seat, we set off to pick up my sister and her wee baby before hitting the road.

As was to be expected, with 2 babies in the car, there were several stops to change nappies and feed. The 2.5 hour trip quickly blew out to 4 hours, not helped by the fact that google maps seemed to keep directing me down a road that did not exist!

So what exactly is a craft retreat I hear you ask? Well let me tell you... If you think school camp- communal hall, bunk beds etc. Then,  take away the bossy teachers.  Add, wine, good food and more sewing machines than you have ever seen in one place and you have a craft retreat!

We had a blast, there was all kinds of crafty goodness going on- sewing, knitting, spinning, quilting, felting, cross stitch, button making... the list goes on. So many skilled and talented ladies.

I managed to achieve a surprisingly good amount, given I had the little one in tow.

I made Holly a new skirt

Isla a new dress

and Both girls an I-spy bag

Now I just have to wait for the next one in 6 months time!

Oh and for those of you who may have wondered. The 2 babies were so worn out by craft camp that they slept the ENTIRE way home. So we made it home in recommended 2.5 hours and no, we did not follow google maps on the return trip.


  1. sounds just wonderful. Lovely sewing and what a great idea the I-spy is, they are so much fun.
    from Katrina

  2. Oh that sounds like heaven. How do you get invited to one of these?

  3. what a great way to spend a weekend! I love that I spy bag too. I've got a shop bought one but would love to make my own :)

  4. Yay Lou, that sounds like such a fantastic way to spend a weekend, and even with a little one with you - you managed to acheive heaps!! I love the fabric choices xx

  5. Oh what a fab trip! I love the skirt and dress you made, and what little cuties your girls are too! I've never heard of an I-spy but it looks a great idea. I'm glad the little ones slept all the way home, car journeys are much better that way!

  6. I love the skirt and dress, your girls look too cute in them!!
    It sounds like a fab day out!

  7. I think they should be less than 6 months apart :o)


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