Monday, October 18, 2010

A New Beach

I love 'our' beach, it is so familiar, yet somehow, we never tire of it's warm sands. But, there is something very exciting about visiting a new beach, who's landscape is all new to us, it's colour darker and it's shells just a little foreign to us. 

That was how we felt last week when we explored the shores at Carter's beach. A beautiful, isolated spot, we found the beach almost void of any other people, leaving us free to explore in glorious isolation.

And the shells, oh the shells. There were so many, in a rainbow of colour.

My little beachcomber came home with more shells than her little hands could carry, although she was not keen to take this little fella home with us-

But she did take home a huge shell collection, which now takes pride of place on our coffee table. 


  1. Looks and sounds like you all had an enjoyable time. I love exploring new places and old ones that we have not been too for a while.

  2. What a treat, a whole beach to yourselves and shells as well! Lovely photos, I"m super jealous of your new find xo

  3. I love exploring beaches with children - loving that little critter!

  4. Beautiful, expansive beach and photos. So lovely to play free on a beach with the inspiration of nature and no need for toys. So many games to play with sand, shells, driftwood, seaweed and water. And the large open space and fresh sea air is the best tonic. Mmm, just need the Welly wind to behave and I'm inspired to go beach roaming! x

  5. Wow! That is an amazing critter!!! How wonderful to explore a new place - especially such a beautiful place.


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