Monday, October 18, 2010

The Wild West

Last week we were lucky enough to be the recipients of a break from the quake, a two night trip to the west coast. It was a wonderful initiative, set up by solid energy to help out the residents of Christchurch following the September 4th Earthquake.

We set off early in the morning on the Tranz-Alpine train, a four and a half hour trip, taking us across the broad expanse of the Canterbury plains, winding through the majestic southern alps before emerging on the rugged west coast. 

The girls has a ball on the train, loving the freedom of being able to move around the carriage, a freedom they do not get in the car. A whole new world of getting up close and personal with the window. 

A two hour bus trip later and we finally arrived at our destination of Carter's beach, just outside Westport. An amazing spot.

It was the perfect place for kids, quiet and peaceful. Lots of room to run and play.

There was also the most amazing beach, but that is a whole other post, so I might just save that one for tomorrow. 


  1. How lovely for you all, and I bet you enjoyed a peaceful nights sleep where the earth did not move.

  2. What a nice treat. Looks like you had a great time:)

  3. what a great treat for you guys!
    I remember my parents taking us on that trip when I was 16... didnt really appreciate it as a teenager!

  4. such wonderful photos! i love the one of your two girls looking out the windows..
    hope you had a fabulous time!


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