Tuesday, April 16, 2013


I should be writing an essay.... instead I am writing here. Quite possibly I am the queen of procrastination when it comes to academic writing!

Going back to university as a post grad student has been interesting. Getting the old grey matter working again has been fun. Juggling a young family with academic study and a job has been a bit more of a  challenge! I can't just take myself off to the library for a day like I did as a carefree undergrad, rather I have to try and fit it all in between the hours of 7pm-10pm. Sometimes I think I must have got a little bit mental thinking I could fit it all in... maybe I have! haha.

Being a post grad student is kinda like being a under grad only you get all the responsibility and stress of study with none of the fun. Because lets face it, motherhood and toga parties really just don't go together.

Honestly though, I have managed to waste the last hour reading everyones lovely blog posts and checking my facebook page. I have successfully wasted most of the evening but alas I  must get back to writing about dyspnea (look that one up and then I am sure you will understand why I am procrastinating!)


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