Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Baby bunting tutorial

Thought I would post this for anyone wondering how to make baby bunting. It is really easy, looks lovely and makes a great gift for a new baby.

What you will need-
cotton fabric (non stretch) in a colour/pattern you like
a small amount of complementary coloured felt
2 meters of 25mm bias binding
embroidery cotton in same colour as felt
sewing thread
fabric marker/tailors chalk
embroidery ring
sewing machine

1- Iron fabric, mark out and cut 14 squares from your cotton fabric measuring 15cm x 12cm.
2- Mark out your 5 letters and 2 hearts on your felt. Each letter should measure 6cm tall x 5cm wide. Cut out.
3- Find the centre of your fabric squares and pin letters onto centre of right side. Use your embroidery loop to hold fabric tight, attach the letters using blanket stitch. Gently press using Iron.
4- Taking 1 lettered square and 1 plain square, pin with right sides together. 
5- Using an overlocker, serge .5cm seams. If you don't have an overlocker, sew .5cm straight seams then use a zig-zag stitch to overlock edges. Leave a small gap of about 2 cm at the top of each square. Turn and press.
6- Fold bias binding in half and press. 
7- Find the centre of the binding and pin middle square into the binding. Leaving 3cm between each square, pin remaining squares into binding. 
8- Starting at one end of binding, sew along binding using a straight stitch. 
9- Knot off each end of binding.

Now it is ready to hang! I enjoyed making this as a gift for my Little one to hang above her cot.

Hope you enjoy making this as much as I did. Feel free to ask me of anything you are unsure about.


  1. Looks gorgeous. For some reason I procrastinate over the bunting, I'll have to give it a try...

  2. awe, very sweet! what a sweet mamma you are!!

  3. That is so cute!
    Thanks for the award! Very sweet of you :) Will try and get onto it soon.

  4. Fabulous tutorial - can't wait to give it a shot!

  5. Beautiful! I will have to bookmark this and come back to it when I have time. xx

  6. That is adorable, and I hope you are all getting back to normal after the earthquake,

    my husband and I absolutely love N.Z. (two visits in two years and cant wait to do it again!)


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