Saturday, December 31, 2011


There have been 2 years in my life, where the course I thought I was following has been inexplicably altered though no act of my own doing. The first time was in 2000 when this happened. The second time was this year when the Christchurch earthquakes sent our lives onto yet another, different, unexpected route. 

The earthquake, within a few seconds destroyed a lot of the community in which I lived. It caused grief and anguish to many who lost a lot more than I did. But on a personal level, it caused my girl to become very reclusive, frightened and withdrawn, as her little 3 year old mind tried to come to terms with the situation she found herself in. 

In amongst all this, she turned 3. We had an impromptu party and for that day, everybody smiled. It was beautiful.

Shortly after her birthday, she got her first pair of glasses, teeny tiny glasses. I never knew they made them so small.

In the immediate aftermath of the earthquake, we spent serval weeks in Golden Bay, enjoying the idyllic beaches and relative normality of life there. But upon or return to Christchurch, we made a big decision. The right thing for us, for our family, was to move away. Leaving was scary. It had never been in our plans. But as it turned out, it was a good thing.

We found our selves here. Five hours from home in this beautiful alpine lake village. We found ourselves welcomed here. And slowly, we have built a new life here. 

Holly started preschool. I still find myself stunned that my baby is big enough to give me a quick kiss before she rushes off to play with her friends each day.  She started swimming lessons, ballet classes and had her first haircut. This girl of mine is growing up!

And this little girl? Over the course of this year, she has grown from a baby to a toddler. She talks non stop, she loves to dance, she loves to cuddle and she is mad on thomas the tank engine. She has the biggest character. She makes me laugh out loud so many times a day. And as 2011 drew to a close, this littlest girl of mine turned 2

Sadly, in 2011, we also said goodbye to a loyal friend. Our lovely old dog Tim died. We had him for 15 years, he was a good gentle pet and we still miss him a lot.

2011, what a year eh?
Bring on 2012. 


  1. Beautiful post. Your strength is inspirational. May 2012 be great for you and your family. Cx

  2. What an amazing year you've had. I applaud your bravery moving to a new place and making a real life there. We are having just 1 night camping in Wanaka in jan and I will think of you!

  3. I'm so happy to see you are enjoying your new home, what a year you have had. Lots of changes, beginnings and endings. I hope 2012 is a great year for you, full of happiness and peace xo

  4. You certainly had a rough year. I cannot imagine what you've been through emotionally after the earthquake. I am just so glad you are settled in your new home and can look to 2012 with hope. It is such a blessing for your family to have had the opportunity of a fresh start.

    Happy New Year to you!
    Jennifer x

    P.S. Sorry to hear about your dog :o(

  5. Wow You have had a really tough year. I can't imagine what it was like experiencing the earthquake.

    It looks like where you have made your new home is beautiful.
    All the best for the new year and I hope it brings abundant blessings on your family.

  6. You have a lovely way with words. Wishing you all the best for 2012.

  7. a lot happens in some years and for me the last brought a lot of changes as well. i hope 2012 brings us both all the best that life can bring! i'm so happy you have found yourselves in a wonderful little alpine lake village together. your girls will thrive in their environment, esp. with such a loving mum.

  8. You are always in my thoughts xxx the little girl who inspired me to start Quilts For Christchurch - bless your little heart, may you find peace and stability in your new home.
    Much love xxx

  9. Wow the area you've now made your home looks beautiful - what gorgeous scenery for your kids to be able to experience and call home! I can imagine it would be magical for helping your little ones to heal from the effect the earthquakes have had. Best of luck for you and your family in the new year :)


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