Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Her New Glasses

In amongst all the chaos that has become our lives post February 22nd, my little girl got her first pair of glasses. You may remember me telling you a wee while ago about Holly's eyesight. We went back to see the pediatric specialist who confirmed her eyesight is indeed atrocious in both eyes due to severe longsightedness, which has in turn caused the weaker eye to switch off. The new glasses is the first step in improving her eyesight.

Luckily, she has been very excited about them and has taken to wearing them easily. The first few days she walked round like a headmistress, peering over the top of her spectacles, but within a few days, she had adjusted to them and is actually very proud of her glasses.

It has changed her too, her personality. She used to be so shy and quiet. She used to stick close to me. Now she can see better, her confidence is beginning to grow. She is starting to come out of her shell, she is now happy to run far ahead of me and run fast- without falling over! She even looks different, more grown up some how. Funny that one little pair of glasses can do so much for one little girl.


  1. Yeah for Holly!
    This is such a great post to read and it must be truly amazing for her to be seeing this in a new light.

    xx to you both, Felicity

  2. I so love that her confidence is boosted! What a fantastic outcome for you all.

  3. oh she looks so cute!! My eldest has glasses and so do I.. they are for special people :)
    thats so great that she's got so much confidence from her new glasses.

  4. Great to hear! She looks very cute!


  5. She looks gorgeous! Glad she is happy with them. Hope things are somewhat settling down for you across the ditch.


  6. I've been wearing glasses for most of my life - it makes the hugest difference to absolutely everything when you can see whateveryone else can see (or in some cases, at least some of what everyone else can see).

    Welcome to the cool kids club for you DD : )

  7. Oh bless her! She looks just gorgeous in her new glasses, Lou :-)

    I'm so happy to hear that her confidence has improved now that she can see more. Things are only going to get better for your gorgeous girl!


  8. awwww look at her how sweet is she!
    My Philosopher started wearing glasses when he started school and it took awhile to adjust but we got there and yes it changed him too!

  9. Congrats Holly, I am so looking forward to meeting you! And isn't it great they make such stylie, lightweight, easy to wear styles now days.

  10. One of my grandaughters has been wearing glasses since she was 2 (now nearly 5) and has done well other than letting brothers (mostly the younger) one grab them and he love twsiting the arms so been many trips to the optometrist for repairs lol

  11. Hello, just stopping by to say how gorgeous she looks in her styley frames (no such luck for me 30 years ago, mwah hah hah!).

    I love how you describe her confidence blossoming as she sees the world for the first time with all its sharp lines and intricacies and can find her place amongst it.

    While wondrous it can be quite overwhelming too, you might find she sometimes takes her glasses off for a little while to just retreat into her own little space, but she will be clutching them tight in her hand for when she is ready to put them back on.

    Lovely to hear the update and she is rocking those frames!

  12. She looks fabulous and how wonderful to hear of her new found confidence. How amazing it must be for her to see clearly, a whole new world opening up! xo

  13. The glasses are adorable! so thankful for the changes...blessings...

  14. Gorgeous photo!

    Also, don't feel you have to participate, but I think your blog is great so I'm passing the Stylish Blogger Award on to you. :-)


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