Sunday, December 18, 2011


My girls are animal mad, as our poor perpetually patient cat will attest too. 

In our household, a little ritual has emerged in recent months. Instead of our usual bath, book, bed rhythm, on a sunday night, once the girls are all rugged up in their PJs, we snuggle up together and spend half an hour inthralled in watching a local wildlife vets show. 

So, when we knew we where coming up to Christchurch for the little ones birthday, we took the opportunity to take them to the local wildlife park. The girls had a blast, they saw all their favorites- lions, tigers, zebras and monkeys. They watched in awe as the lions play fought each other. They laughed with glee as the monkeys came right up close to greet them. We all stood in amazement when we saw the usually reclusive native kiwi bird. 

It was such a fun way to spend the day and celebrate Isla's birthday, even the rain could not wash the smiles off their little faces. 

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  1. how fun! and what a great little snapshot! love the three littles and the three long necks! super...


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