Sunday, December 11, 2011

Flea Market Finds

This is a slow work in progress, it is my crockery shelf. I have been collecting one piece at a time whenever I spot one in an op shop. I have plates, side plates and bowls from Crown Lynn in this beautiful duck egg blue/green colour. I picked up several more pieces in the last few weeks so my collection is finally big enough that I have been able to dispose of my boring white plates! I think that is the cool thing about thrifting for a collection, it takes a long time to get there but it is so much fun hunting them out! 


  1. Love the colour. Great finds. Cx

  2. they are lovely and I bet the hunt makes them all the more special

  3. These plates will make a beautiful tablescape, and food always tastes better when the table is pretty.❤

  4. i love the color! so cool to find such treasures. i don't think we have the same kinds of treasures here. but, i could be wrong. must go look!

  5. I love that colour. Is it colour glaze by Crown Lynn? I bet it makes you heart sing when you open the cupboard or eat a cake from those gorgeous plates.
    I've been collecting colour glaze this year but found few plates, but lots of teacups and saucers, including one in this ? teal colour.


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