Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Another First

I told you this little girl of mine has a lot of 'firsts' going on at the moment.

This week she had her first day at preschool. She was so excited about starting, wanting to know when her first day was going to be.  The morning of the big day, she excitedly packed her new bag and was eager to get going. When we arrived, I got a quick kiss and she was off to play with her little friend whom she had spied across the room. I was meant to go back after an hour but the centre rang me to tell me she was having fun and in her words "did not want to go home yet". When I did pick her up later, she couldn't stop chattering about painting, play-dough, the slide and the animals.

Today was her second day and she still appears to be feeling the preschool love. She came home to proudly tell me she "made a little boyfriend"... gotta love 3 year olds.


  1. Love the photo, gorgeous!

    Preschool rocks...

  2. cute cute cute -
    my miss 3 has a 'prince' boyfriend but he has to own a castle before she will marry him otherwise she will marry her Poppa ~ bless
    as you say 'gotta love 3 year olds'
    nice to see you back blogging and to see some positives in your life xxx

  3. that's so sweet - a little boyfriend. : ) it looks like you're in a beautiful environment too. but, i'm sure all of new zealand is beautiful...


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