Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Road Tripping

Road Trip- two words that can set fear into the hearts of any parent with young children. 

Yesterday, we made the long drive up the spine of this beautiful country so that we can spend christmas with our families. It was a long drive, full of the stunning scenery, the kind that causes tourists to travel this route in their droves. But with a 1 year old and a 3 year old in the car, I was apprehensive about doing this drive again. But, surprisingly, my girls where really good. Playing together, reading, singing, talking, for the whole 6 hours. The littlest one has, in recent months, completely moved to using the potty and is out of nappies. So, that was another thing I was anxious about on this trip. But, again she surprised me. Telling me every hour or so "wee wees mama". We would pull over, she would do her business and we would be on our way again. Easy. In hindsight, I wonder why I worried so. 


  1. well that's lucky! cool picture... reminds me of california? ezra has always been a good traveler, but our last trip - the flight from miami to l.a. was full of, "how many more minutes until we're there?" but, i didn't bring anything exciting or new along... must remember for the 5 hour road trip we're taking next week!

  2. Better to worry and be prepared for the worst and then be nicely surprised when it all goes well I reckon!


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