Friday, December 9, 2011

Things I Am Loving

This week I am loving just one thing. I am loving her last week as a one year old. Where oh where did the last 2 years go? I feel like it was just a heartbeat ago that she was this tiny baby. But oh my gosh she is so excited to be turning two. I ask her "who's birthday is it next week?" Her prompt reply "ME!".And then I ask "how old will you be?" She tries to hold just 2 of her little fingers up as she relies "TWO!"


  1. I always pause in shock at my children's birthdays and wonder where the time went and wish I could bottle some of it up. They really do grow so fast. Enjoy the last week with your 1 year old. Cx

  2. It's such a special time isn't it? They are not quite kids/ not quite babies... Happy birthday to your little one x

  3. Oh the soon to be magic of being two, cheers Marie

  4. That is so sweet - I love it when they get to the point where they can get excited and anticipate things.

  5. I love the anticipation they hold for their own birthdays - its so precious!


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