Monday, May 9, 2011

And So We Begin Again...


I stand and find myself amazed at how far and how quickly my life has changed. The course I thought I was following, suddenly and inexplicably altered. But, that is life. So now we find ourselves here, in a different corner of paradise and I know this place is going to be good for us.

For now, we are just learning to find our bearings. Orientating ourselves to this new place. Finding our feet. Mind you, it is an easy place to fall in love with.


  1. Wow already? I do hope you settle in fast :) Hugs deb xx

  2. It looks beautiful, and a wonderful place to begin the next stage of your journey.
    Wishing you much peace and joy as you find your way.

  3. Its so hard to begin again - but also good.
    As long as you and your close family are together thats all that matters. Hugs to you Lou.♥

  4. You have been through a lot lately and I really feel for you having to now make a new start. I'm sure it will have it's challenges but I hope they are small ones and that your new town is welcoming and a happy place to be. Look after yourself, thinking of you xo

  5. What a beautiful spot to find yourselves xxx
    Where have you ended up settling?
    Give those darling girls a BIG hug from Auckland xxx

  6. It looks lovely and after last nights big shake you will be glad you've moved. I get the feeling things are going to get worse in ChCh before they get better :(

  7. boy i'd say... looks like another slice of heaven to me for sure! so glad to see this first picture of where you've landed. i hope you have all the patience you'll need in these next weeks of finding your feet as you say. go with the flow and let go is my motto these days. most days really.. but, now more than ever!

  8. Looks amazing! Hope you're all settling in well x


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