Friday, March 30, 2012

Things I Am Loving Today

Don't you just love autumn? The mornings start cold but then the days are amazing. Big blue sky days, still and sunny and perfect. This was the view out my window this morning, just one tiny little cloud peaking over the hillside.

 And running with the autumn theme, my sweet girl made me this card at preschool yesterday. She stuck the leaves on herself, wrote inside her name and drew a ton of love hearts.... just for me!

Her drawing and writing skills seem to have grown exponentially in the last few weeks since she turned four. She is drawing people, flowers, fairies and rainbows that require no explanations. She is writing her name on everything too, and her sisters, and mine. It amazes me that this little person is becoming so capable.

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  1. I love that about autumn too, cool mornings & evenings & gorgeous sunshine during the day. We were off to a cold start to autumn here, it was like we skipped straight to winter, but it's just lovely now. Have a great weekend..x

  2. Autumn is my favourite season- we have the most beautiful week here- weather just like you describe. Gorgeous card too- it is so neat isn't it when they start drawing 'pictures' isn't it, keeps them pretty busy too hehe

  3. Yep, love autumn too. Lovely pictures too. Cx

  4. You know what...I think we are having a much nicer autumn than summer! What a gorgeous card your little girl made for you - something so sweet to tuck away and treasure. Have a great weekend hon. Becks x


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