Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Simple Skincare

In my quest to simply my life, I have been looking at ways to reduce the amount of skincare products I use. So many people have a bathroom full of soaps, liquid body wash, scrubs, moisturizer for the face, the body, cleanser, toner... the list goes on. A few months back, as we where preparing to move house, I decided to part with all of those things and instead use a few simple multi purpose skincare products. I was searching for products which where as natural and chemical free as possible but at the same time effective. My solution came in the form of 2 simple products. A compressed olive oil soap and a natural oil to moisturize.

I used an olive oil soap, you can buy many different brands from any health food shop. The whole family use it as a face and body wash. Followed by an oil to moisturize both face and body. To many the idea of using oil on their face seems odd but in all honesty, my skin has never looked better. My skin is far more balanced and smooth . I doubt I will ever go back to using a traditional moisturizer. I am particularly a fan of busby pure tissue oil, which is a mix of avocado, grape seed and rosehip oils. Another draw card for me is it is affordable, meaning I can also use it as a body moisturizer, which I would not feel I could do with some of the smaller, more expensive oils.

So now, rather than a whole cupboard of products I just have two, good quality, multi use items. And that, in my mind, has got to be a good thing. 


  1. Where do you get the oil from? Their website doesn't show NZ stockists.

  2. What a great idea hon. Years ago I worked with a doctor who had the most amazing complexion at age 58 and she told me she had been using a home-made blend of oils on her skin since her youth. You've inspired me to give it a go! Becks xxx


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