Thursday, March 8, 2012

My favorite Song - Ever

Many people who know me might be surprised what my favorite song is, even my closest friends probably would not guess. But I have loved this song since I was twelve years old

I don't know why I love it but I never tire of hearing it. It makes me happy, every single time.

So tell me, whats your favorite song? 


  1. Oh my God! That takes me way back to riding the school bus and hour & every morning & the prefect was a mad meatloaf fan, we were to scared of her not to sing! But it sure is a great song to play loud & sing to your hearts content..x

  2. excuse my typing there (and and and, I sound like an overexcited kid)..I should check before I publish!

  3. Love that song too, but my favourite atm is Sway which is a song that's been remade several times and so far I like all the versions I've heard; it's a great latin dance song.

  4. This songs brings back of my dearest friends was obsessed by it and would play it again and again :-) I love the way music can lift your mood and bring back wonderful memories. I cant decide on my favourite song, I have too many (but its probably something mellow by Clannad). Becks x


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