Sunday, March 4, 2012

Four Laps Round The Sun

Today, my girl completed her forth lap round the Sun. How amazing it is that in that time she has changed from a tiny helpless being, into a little person who knows so much, who says so much and who does so much. 

She talks non stop, she uses large words to explain things- disgusting, amazing, humungous! 
She loves to dance. 
She loves to dress up, especially as a fairy, a princess or a mermaid. 
Her favorite colour is pink. 
She has a shoe addiction and prefers to spend her savings money on a pair of shoes rather than a toy. 
She draws amazing pictures of flowers and her family and friends.
She loves her sister. She also loves to boss her sister around!
She enjoys wring her name- on pictures, on steamed up windows, with the fridge magnets- everywhere.
She thinks that now she is 4, she is bigger, smarter and more grown up than she was yesterday.

But most of all, she is an amazing girl whom I adore with all my heart.


  1. pretty girl in her fairy dress! happy 4 to your little big girl! so sweet how the birthdays and getting older become so important to them at this age.

  2. What a gorgeous post Lou! I love the turn of phrase '4 laps around the sun' and must remember that. Your little darling sounds lovely. Becks x

  3. What a gorgeous little (big!) girl you have there. It looks like you put on a lovely picnic/party for her and that the weather was nice for her special day. It's amazing how quickly time passes... our little girl will be 2 in June, I can hardly believe it! And we have our second baby due any day, so we are very excited about that :o)

    Jennifer x


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