Saturday, March 17, 2012

My Place And Yours- Whats Inside Your Kitchen?

The lovely Deb from Works in Progress gave me the honor this week of hosting 'My Place and Yours'. So, I spent a few days pondering over what part of the house to show you! In the end I settled on the kitchen, mostly because my kitchen is not your run of the mill kind of kitchen. Why you ask? Well it lacks cupboard doors and a pantry. This initially made setting it up a tad of a challenge.

Now though, I love it, everything is on hand, easy to reach. Whats more, I love having my beautiful thrifted finds on show.

We have three head height shelves. One houses my cups, another plates and glasses and the third, food I don't want the girls to reach like the biscuit tin, muesli bars and such.

Below the bench we keep two baskets. One has savory stuff like oil and tinned beans. The other is for sweet stuff- sugar, flour, baking powder... you get the idea. Below them we keep the gadgets.

In the adjacent corner, I keep tucked away jars and other lesser used items. I keep bread, spreads and breakfast condiments in two baskets and the dish rack below. We don't have a dishwasher so this last item is a necessity here. Beside the oven I keep pans, electric scales and an old biscuit tin that houses my teabags.

And the one cupboard in our kitchen with doors! Located under the sink. Home to the rubbish bin, pet food and cleaning products.

And our kitchen would never be complete without our mini kitchen. The girls spend a lot of time playing here, making me all manor of amazing play food dishes.

And the overall effect of our odd wee kitchen? Well I think it works out quite well. What do you think? 

What does your kitchen look like? How do you organise it? Why not link up below and show us?


  1. Very impressive - I love that you have no cupboards and yet it is still organised and sorted. Love the toy kitchen at the side. Looking forward to a few more linking in :)

  2. I love that you have space to have a play area in your kitchen - we miss that and a table/breakfast bar to sit at.

  3. It looks like a comfy kitchen, full of light and play ... I really like your shelves, I'm still trying to figure out on which wall to put my kitchen shelf.

  4. We have a space to play in our kitchen too!!!

  5. Hi Lou,love your kitchen especially the shelves where you can always see your special things. At present we don't have a kitchen (making do with bits and pieces on the veranda)but hopefully by the end of the weekend we will have installed our new flat pack!!!


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