Saturday, March 10, 2012

My Place And Yours- Laundry

This week I am joining in with Deb for 'My Place and Yours', looking at peoples laundry.

My Laundry. Well, I don't actually have one. My small but perfectly formed little house does not have a separate laundry. Rather, we have a space under the kitchen bench for the washing machine. A very British concept but more unusual here in New Zealand. We sold our dryer as we just don't need it living here in the mountains. Our winters are cold but dry, so the dryer became surplus to requirements. We keep our washing powder and our cleaning products in the cupboard beside the washing machine. Our vacuum and mop are stored in the hot water cupboard. Not having a laundry is not everyones cup of tea, I imagine, but it works for us.

For more peaks into peoples homes, pop over to Works in Progress. 


  1. Hurray thank you for joining in! I don't think I could cope with a washing machine in the kitchen, I ALWAYS seem to have a pile of dirty clothes waiting to go in the machine.

    I'm so glad you joined up first because I want to do what Pip did when she first started and pick a theme queen for the next week. I had already decided I was going to ask you to be my theme queen!! Could you be my theme queen for next week?? this means pick the theme and write the post (i can send you the code for the linky) and post next saturday Morning. would that be ok????? I'll direct traffic to your place.

  2. Ugh laundry...there is a never ending mountain of it in my house. I wish it was all just pretty sheets and lovely things, but its far more likely to be stinky boy undies, ha ha! Have a great weekend hon. Becks x

  3. I suppose that if your washing machine is in your kitchen you probably have to keep it all reasonably tidy. I could probably cope with that now there is just the two of us here.

  4. I could cope with laundry in the kitchen (mine sort of is) but NO dryer - no def couldn't cope with that!

  5. I love this style, can't wait to see you in it!

  6. I love this style, can't wait to see you in it!

  7. I'm a no laundry girl too my washer & dryer's in my bathroom hence no post from me this week! See you next week at MPAY's.


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