Tuesday, May 25, 2010

High Tea

My sister is due to have her first baby in a couple of months time. She told me in no uncertain terms that she DID NOT WANT A BABY SHOWER. Fair enough, she is not the type of person who would take fondly to having people make guesstimates about her waist size with pieces of string or play how many baby items can you remember. But, I could not let this special time in my only sisters life go past without some kind of celebration. So instead I organised a ladies  'high tea'.

We went to MonaVale. A lovely heritage homestead. The type of place where you feel like you are stepping back in time. The fireplaces are huge and the carpet dark. Speaking of the carpet, Isla did a wee on it while I was changing her nappy! I didn't say anything, just quickly popped a new nappy on her. No doubt in a couple of days they will wonder where the musty smell is coming from! We sipped tea from bone china cups and ate club sandwiches and mini scones. We sat, we chatted. My Sister even got in a little baby care practice, looking after Isla. 

In line with my attempts to support handmade, I made some gifts for my future niece/nephew or "Ant BBs baby" (aunty Becky's baby), as Holly calls it.  I made a play mat/blanket from this minkee

and a jemima puddle duck needlework

Now we just have to wait another 2 months till we get to meet the little one, I can't wait! Thats the joy of being an aunty, you get all the excitement of a new baby without the pain and discomfort of pregnancy and labour!


  1. Well it all sounds good to me.
    I would love my sister to take me for high tea!
    Fabulous gifts you made her too!

  2. Okay I am totally going for high tea at Mona Vale. We did it a bit when we lived in the UK and I LOVE high tea. Great creations too!

  3. I understand. i am an aunt 19 times over. Crazy I know. I love the items you made too!

  4. Sweet little items you made!
    I love being an Aunt also. There is something special about it.

  5. wow! how nice! what a wonderful sister you are!!!

  6. What a special day for your sister! And what gorgeous gifts you made! Hope you have a wonderful Wednesday :)

  7. How special! .. i do love High Teas as well ;)

  8. Sounds like a wonderful day and your sister looks very happy (too funny about the accident on the carpet.) Being an Aunty is great and having cousins for your little girls is even better!


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