Sunday, May 9, 2010

Do you have this problem too?

I pull out the camera and.....

A certain little person spots it and....

she rushes over.

Miss Holly loves having her photo taken.

Maybe she will grow up to be a model or a TV presenter!
(although her Daddy wants her to be a builder or a plumber!)

And one of the little one.... because we could never forget her, she is too darn cute!

Happy Mothers day.


  1. they're both too cute! Elijah has a love/hate relationship with the camera and some days would rather be taking the photos!

  2. Oh what cuties - at least you will have lots of nice pics of her.

  3. gorgeous wee girls... I pull out my camera and 99.9% of the time Cam spots and comes running, but not to pose... no - he wants the camera... *sigh*


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