Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A Bit Of Vintage Lovely

I bought this lovely little dress off coolcrib, isn't it amazing? I fell in love with the beautiful vintage fabric. I wish I could be lucky enough to find amazing vintage fabrics like this when I go thrifting, but alas I never do.... maybe one day (well I can live in hope!)

But the best thing about this dress.....

It is completely reversible! And as the Mumma of any 2 year old would know, that comes in very handy for hiding things like ice cream stains when you are out.


  1. Good morning Lou

    Congratulations! Elijah has selected your name from the jar for a spot prize. If you send me your address (I know I had it but think I may have deleted the email it was in!) I will get it posted off ASAP. Oh and it's a surprise ;)

    oh and that dress is gorgeous! I have made reversible apron dresses in the past and they always look beautiful on - love the fabric on your one though

  2. seriously, that dress is amazing!!!!!! I want two!!! one for each of my girlies!!! sweet!


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