Friday, May 21, 2010

A Day Away

I took the little ones on a fun little trip a few days ago to visit my parents at diamond harbor. It is about a 40 minute, winding car trip around the harbor or a very fun, 10 minute ferry ride. So guess which option we picked? Yep, the boat. Holly was literally shaking with excitement as she loves this little trip. For Isla it was her first boat ride. I am not sure if she liked it or hated it, she was very loud. I tend towards dislike but the ferry boat captain assured she was just having fun!

I also stumbled across the holy grail of vintage fabrics-

Unopened bed sheets! I have heard about them but have never had the luck to come across them before. Aren't they awesome? There are 2 flat single sheets so I am thinking about making them into 2 duvet covers for the bunk beds in Holly's room... if I can bring myself to open the packet.


  1. Fantastic finds!xx

  2. nice! Love the unopened sheets - what plans do you have for them??? You lucky thing - sounds like a good trip for everyone. Elijah loved the ferry ride to Waiheke so much we had to sit on the top level outside so we were very windswept but he loved it!

  3. Wow, you struck it lucky with those sheets! I've never seen them either but keep reading about them. And that blue vintage floral is the cutest. Very lucky indeed.

  4. What amazing fabrics you found!
    Love all of them, especially the vintage purple - the colours have kept so well in the packet!

  5. Lucky you! What great finds, the sheets will make gorgeous bed covers...

  6. So jealous!!! Tehe. What a lovely day.

  7. Love love those fabrics. I came across your blog just today and it's great! You're certainly creative and good at it too!

    Regarding your homemade dolls, have you heard of the Dolly Donations blog? I'm sure you'd be inspired to make a doll for an orphan in need :)

  8. Wahoo! unopened sheets are the best. I found some blue and white ones at the City Mission the other day, I couldn't believe my eyes! such richness :)

  9. OH come on! you can do it... open them up! I'd love to see what you do with them. They would be pretty on bunkbeds.
    Wonderful finds!!


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