Friday, December 10, 2010

A Little Fairy From Across the Sea's

This little girl flew a long way to land at our home recently. She was made by the lovely Mama Rae from Morning Sun Rae. She has winged her way across the oceans from The Beautiful Blue Mountains of North Carolina to our home under the southern sky in New Zealand.

Isn't she just stunning? She is an adorable little creature made entirely from natural materials. We are very pleased to welcome her into our home. My girls have been very excited about her arrival and we have been telling stories of the journey she took to get here, much to Holly's delight.

If you have not checked out Morning Sun Rae before, please do. She has a beautiful blog brimming with all kinds of creativity. A truly inspiring blog.


  1. you are so sweet! so glad she is loved and gets to bask in the warmth of your family. happy holidays to you, rae


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