Sunday, December 12, 2010

Advent- Celebrating The Nature Kingdom

The second week of advent has drawn to a close. This week passed celebrated the nature kingdom, the plants that nourish us, providing us with food and oxygen. And so for us, we have spent this week learning and enjoying elements from nature.

Together, Holly and I made these clove scented oranges. Inspired by Bending Birches. Holly chose to use her favorite 'baby oranges', otherwise known as mandarins. This was such a fun, festive little project to do with my girl. So much so, that she has been asking too do it every day since. They are lovely though, they give the whole house a beautiful mulled wine kind of smell- divine.

We have done a lot of cooking this week, talking about a lot of the ingredients such as legumes and nuts. Discussing what they are and where they come from. Trying to instill in them that food does not just come from a shop but is grown in and from the earth.

Both my little girls LOVE flowers, most days we go out to collect fresh flowers to bring back to our home. Isla adores twirling them around in the air, singing sweet little tunes as she does so. Holly, is fascinated by all the different types of flowers, always asking me "whats that one?". Often the answer is "I don't know sweetheart",  her response- "It is a Holly Iris flower mummy". What a sweet little girl she is.

Happy advent.

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  1. So pretty - we plan to make these this afternoon.

    Namaste, Nicole


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