Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Kindness of Strangers

Today, on the cusp of christmas, I am left feeling very humbled by the kindness and generosity of women whom I have never met. How can you adequately say thank you to people who sew for your children a gift of love purely out of the kindness of their heart?

Back in September, I posted this post in the aftermath of the Christchurch earthquake. A fellow blogger Cat from Catalina's Cottage read it and felt inspired to do something to help the children of Christchurch in the aftermath of the quake. From that, a wonderful project called 'Quilts to Comfort Christchurch Kids' was born.

Cat has poured her heart and her soul into this project and her dedication payed off with a beautiful response of kindness from quilters across the globe. Each donating their time, energy and amazing talent to create quilts for these lovely little people who have been working through the very adult concept of living through a massive natural disaster.

Recently, Cat contacted me and told me she would like both my sweet girls to have one of these beautiful quilts. Today, with great excitement they opened the package, overjoyed with their contents. Both girls instantly cuddling themselves into the new quilts.

I don't know a lot about the wonderful women whom made these quilts. I know that the one above came from Helen of Hikurangi and the one below came from Ana and friends from Portugal. I know that these women are incredibly talented,  just look at how beautiful these quilts are. So to Helen and Ana, what can I say? Thank you just does not seem adequate. I guess that what I can tell you is that you have made two little girls very happy. They will treasure these quilts for many years to come and as they grow I will tell them the story of how we came to own them and of the kind women who made them. 

And to Cat, who has worked so hard on this whole project,  THANK YOU. On behalf of all the families in Christchurch who receive one of the quilts, thank you.

And incidentally, in a small twist of fate, I noticed this on one of the quilts.. my daughters name... must have been meant to be, eh? 


  1. oh how beautiful and special. A gift to be treasured for sure.

  2. Lou, that is simply beautiful, brought tears to my eyes.
    hugs to you all
    have a wonderful Christmas, give the girls a big hug from me

  3. Ohhh how awesome - what an amazing gift

  4. Oh that is just so wonderful, I have little tingles all over. Such beautiful quilts for your lovely girls, enjoy!

  5. Lovely! What an amazing gift of kindness with the thought and care that would have gone into each stitch.


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