Monday, September 13, 2010

Life Goes On

Life in Christchurch is slowly settling into a new kind of normal. 

A very different kind of normal to before the earthquake. A life where buildings that have stood for many generations now lie as piles of rubble, many have been cleared and as you drive along,  you rack your mind to remember which building stood where... already we begin to forget.

 A new kind of normal where little 2 year old girls are too scared to go to sleep in their own bed because 'their bed might shake'. 

A new kind of normal where we can no longer do our usual walk along the waterfront because large cracks in the earth now exist where once there was grass.

A new kind of normal where aftershocks are still a daily reminder of the power of mother nature.

But life does move on, as we begin to repair our own home-

We are lucky, luckier than many, we have damage yes, but we still have our home and the damage is nothing insurance won't cover. 

Funny thing is, amongst this 'new normal', life really does go on. 

Spring is here.

The flowers are appearing in our garden again, encouraged by the warmth of the spring sun.

And for little girls, who have had to experience a fear that little ones should never have to experience, life slowly begins to return to normal.


  1. Please let me know how I can help!

  2. Oh I so feel for you all and this post is so touching. Big hugs to you all and I really do hope that normal is soon all there is x

  3. I've read your posts about this quake and many times have had tears in my eyes. Prayers for you. I love that you always see the positive.

  4. Yes it will be a slow recovery-physically and emotionally. Just when you think you are feeling better there's something to remind you of it all over again. Take care.

  5. Oh my goodness your post is so touching.
    I've been in touch with the Christchurch Quilters Guild and am awaiting their reply re sending blocks down to be made into quilts, however, after reading your post I want to make something for the babies too, I have a 2 year old daughter and you've really reached my heart!

  6. Much love to you guys, we can't imagine what it is like. Thank you for letting us know whats happening there. I hope things settle as best they can soon. The girls have packed some things into pencil cases and purses that will be handed out to some CHch children this week. Sent with lots of love.xx

  7. All the best for the recovery. It sounds like a long process but you will be on my mind. Its strange how so many of the reports were based on the damage to buildings rather than the people trying to make sense of it all.

  8. I'm glad that there you're in a season like Spring and have mother nature at her best. I hope your wee ones are having some fun with it:) xo


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