Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Wardrobe Wednesday

This is probably my last Wardrobe Wednesday installment as Claire is no longer going to be hosting this little weekly segment. I think I have pretty much showed you all most of my wardrobe anyway! I don't buy new clothes very often, in fact, I think I have only bought 2 things this year. Anyway, last week I bought these pants and I bought them new! I have to say I love them but I am a bit bummed as I washed them and hung them out and the colour faded big time across the back, so I am thinking I will have to take them back... sigh.

Pants: Ula
Top: Can't remember, has been in my wardrobe for 5+ years
Shoes: crocs
Necklace: Bought from the nelson market about circa 2004


  1. What a bummer that the pants faded! Definitely worth taking them back, hopefully that pair is the only one with fading issues :)

    Looking lovely, anyhow :)

  2. Were you in my closet? Hadn't had that problem since living with my sister!

    Very nice - now give them back!


  3. I noticed the pants on your visit to my shop - big bummer about the colour fade, the cut is really nice and I loved the pin tucks around the waistline - sorry, occupational hazard :)

  4. lovely pants but sorry to hear that it faded. It's worth taking it back.

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