Monday, November 8, 2010

4 Seasons- Spring

Summer. My favorite Season. Spring, my second favorite. 

The other day, I watched my 2 year old kindly share her ice block with her very excited baby sister. They sat in the sun, ice-block dripping over their tiny hands while Holly passed it back and forth between their mouthes. Afterwards, they smelt just like summer, that mix of cool ice block breath and sunscreen. Bliss.

Do you have something to share that personifies the season you are in?

Would love you to link up.


  1. Love the sharing photo:)

    only thing is summer doesnt start until December and the way the rain has been falling along with the sunshine demonstrates this well

  2. Awww, it's such a wonderful time of year. I felt so happy today seeing all the growth in the garden. Will put together a post soon x

  3. Just stumbled across your Blog and am loving the snapshots of Summer. We are at the opposite end of the seasonal spectrum and think your idea about sharing the seasons is great! Hopefully we can join in regularly from our ever cooler part of the globe.


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