Tuesday, November 16, 2010

4 Seasons


The most obvious sign of spring in our house is the nature table, which takes pride of place in our living area. It is here that Miss Holly puts all her special finds. At the moment the table is full of little flowers. Whenever we go for a walk, she loves to collect flowers along the way. Our rule of thumb is, if it is overhanging the footpath or planted on the roadside, it is fair game.

Everything on the table is organized by Holly except the large vase of flowers which were a gift. Each time when we come home with new flowers, she carefully arranges them, adding them into one or other of her little vases. Her shells, from our frequent beach trips, she likes to arrange in circles. At the moment they have created a 'fairy circle'.

A couple of weeks ago, a blackbird found it's way into our house. Which actually really scared both my girls but after we got him back outside, we discovered several of his feathers in the house. I told Holly that the bird had left them as a gift to say thank you for helping him outside. They quickly took up residence on the nature table. Because cats like to chase feathers, he is up there too, with his little play friend Mr Mouse.

The painting is one of Holly's own watercolors, which I thought looked lovely and bright, much like her sweet flowers.

What is happening at your place that reflects the current season?

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  1. Your seasonal table is beautiful. We particularly loved the 'gift' from the blackbird, and Holly's painting.

  2. Beautiful! I love your table and hearing how your daughter enjoys thoughtfully adding to it. We've had a bird fly in and often do around this time of year, particularly with the young fledglings getting confused. I was just thinking what to blog about today and saw your post in my Google Reader. I shall enjoy celebrating the season in some way today and link up tonight. Thanks for the inspiration! Sarah x

  3. I love the idea of a seasonal nature table. I read about it in the Wonderful Weekend Book and thought it would be great. Haven't got round to it yet though...maybe when baby is a little older!

  4. Hi Lou - have you let Sarah at KMB know about your linky? She might be able to add your button to KMB on the right hand side? x

  5. That is a wonderful story. A bird in the house would have had my heart racing. Earl our Squirrel came into our enclosed front porch - a huge scream and panic set him - enough to scare him out. He didn't leave us any gifts but a good jolt to say the least.

    Your nature table is as beautiful as it is meaningful.

    Namaste, Nicole


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