Tuesday, November 30, 2010

4 Seasons

The Last Day of Spring

Fresh strawberries growing outside my door. Kind of epitomises this time of year don't you think? I did have them sitting on the deck but I have had to put them up on a low bench, as a certain little 11 month old with a strawberry addiction, kept trying to raid them before they were ripe.

What is happening in your world on this cusp of the change of season? Why not link up.


  1. Why is it that strawberries you grow yourself always taste better than the ones you buy?!

  2. Love those sweet strawberries, yes they do taste so much sweeter when they haven't spent hours being transported to the shop. We have ours growing well and can't wait to pop our first peas from the pod :) Yummy!

  3. Your strawberry picture is gorgeous, and makes my snow covered patio look rather bare in comparison!

  4. Lovely strawberry photos. For us, we're on the cusp of winter -- so that means snow, and cold temps, and snowangels.



  5. Oh, my mouth is watering. Strawberries at the store here are priced too high to buy. Missing them.... will have to wait til June to get them fresh here.

    (Thanks for visiting my blog today.)


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