Sunday, November 28, 2010


Today is the first day of advent. Many do not realise this, as the popular advent calendars start from the 1st of December. But, traditionally, advent begins on the 4th Sunday before Christmas. The passing of each Sunday evokes a different part of the journey taken by Mary and Joseph in the nativity story. The first week celebrates the earth, as they set off on their journey through the mountains. The second celebrates nature, as they journey through the valley. The third week celebrates  the animal kingdom, as they move across the bare grazing lands. And the 4th week celebrates human life, as they arrive in Bethlehem to welcome their baby.

This is a lovely symbolic time. Even if, like our family, you are not particularly religious. It is a time to celebrate the joy of the coming of christmas, of special times with family and friends, of the sharing of food, laughter and love.

This year, I have created this nativity story scene for our home. Setting out the nativity story  journey with the stones to signify the mountains, the flowers to signify the valley, the sheep to signify the grazing lands and finally the stable where Jesus was born. Each evening before bed, I plan to tell a little of the nativity story to the girls. Then, move one star from the path they take and place it on the night sky behind them.

I set up the nature table last night with this little scene. This morning, Holly got up and started her day as usual, only to stop dead in her tracks when she saw our little table. A huge grin broke out across her face as she exclaimed "Whats that Mummy?!". Now she is very excited about the end of the day arriving so she can hear the story and move one of the stars into the sky.

I love that I am able to celebrate with my children in this way, to provide them some of that magic in the build up to christmas.

Happy Advent.


  1. I love it Lou - i absolutely love it! I too had no idea that advent started exactly 4 weeks before Christmas, but it kind of makes sense. Here i was thinking I had some time up my sleeve to make my kids an advent calender i was planning. Now that you've told me the history behind it, i may have to factor that into my calender!!! it's lovely, no wonder your daughter loves it so much xx

  2. What a lovely way to celebrate Advent - I love the nativity scene...

  3. Thats gorgeous Lou!
    What a lovely idea to do the story and move the stars into the sky each night!x

  4. You are such an utterly gorgeous Mum! Good on you Lou, what a truly magical childhood your girls are enjoying, you're such an inspiration Xx

  5. your display is wonderful and pretty :)

  6. That sounds so lovely. I wish I could be there every night to hear the story too.

  7. Lovely nativity! :-)

    The pattern isn't my own. I modified this one: I did a decrease in the round rather than a flap & added the ties rather than knitting a border with loops.

    Have a lovely Advent time!

  8. Can I come and be a child again at your home?! This is SO gorgeous! What a beautiful idea and I have learned something new - I never knew about the 4 Sundays. Thank you for this lovely information, which I will share with my children too. So beautiful :)x

  9. I did almost the very same thing for my girls this morning! They were surprised by an angel ready to make her way along the starry spiral path. We read our first advent story this evening by candlelight and placed some crystals around the path. Mary will join us during the last week.
    Your nativity display is wonderful!
    Happy beautiful Advent season to you!

  10. aahh that is lovely - can't wait to set my season table up for winter :-)


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