Wednesday, September 22, 2010

What a Week

I have come to the conclusion that in a past life my husband must have done some bad, bad things, like being a serial killer or something, and karma is somehow kicking him up the butt now.

You might recall a while ago, I told you about the horrific car accident he was in when we were younger. You would kinda think that that was all his bad luck used up right?.... wrong!

On Sunday while up skiing, he fell and managed to break his hip. He is mortified. Firstly because his ski season has now come to an abrupt finish and secondly because, in his words "I thought only old crumbly people broke their hips".

So at present, life revolves around daily trips to the hospital, which is not a lot of fun with 2 little ones in tow. Especially with Isla's adventurous spirit. She is off in a jiffy down the corridor to befriend anyone and everyone. We have however discovered, that a blown up rubber glove can keep them amused for a surprisingly long time.

Fingers crossed he will be home next week.


  1. Eek! Oh no! Hope he recovers soon so you can put that rubber glove to rest! x

  2. Oh no! He must be in a lot of pain, you guys will be pleased to see the back of this year..isn't it amazing how much entertainment a single rubber glove can provide...take care x

  3. :O sheez break a match! Wishing him a speedy recovery - and yep, a rubber glove can be so many things to a little one

  4. Oh my gosh hun - is there anything (from Auckland) I can do to assist to make your days a little less stressful?
    I can send chocolate?
    Cat xxx

  5. Oh Lou. Poor Simon and poor you! You'd think he'd been through enough already. It's definately not just crumbly old people who break their hip. Tell him to take lots of B6 to help him keep his spirits up through all of this.

  6. The poor bloke, thats awful!
    I'm sure everyone at the hospital enjoy seeing the little ones come to visit! Hope hes feeling better soon.x

  7. oh Lou, sounds like your husband is nursing not only a broken hip but a bit of a bruised ego too! I hope that he makes a speedy recovery and that Isla doesn't befriend too many strangers! Take Care x

  8. Oh gosh, awful for your poor Simon! I do hope that he has a speedy recovery and is back home again asap. Do you have family living nearby who can help you with your darling girls while Simon is off his feet? I'm convinced that he has now used up ALL of his bad luck! Sending him lots of happy healing vibes, and wishing him a speedy recovery. And lots of hugs coming your way too -xxxooo-

  9. Oh NO! Hoping his hip heals very quickly...

  10. Crap!! What bad luck. I hope the painkillers are great and the recovery fast.


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