Thursday, September 23, 2010

My Creative Space

I made these two wee poppets for the girls.

Now that I know how to make the Waldorf heads, I am finding it easy to adapt them to all kinds of little dolls. Both of the girls are loving these cuddly little ones.

My big Waldorf doll is almost finished, just a couple of items of clothing left to do. She is looking great, can't wait to see Holly's face when she see's her on christmas morning.


  1. Wow, you are so talented! These are very naturally beautiful.

  2. They are fantastic Lou. You should make a few extra to sell. They are beautiful

  3. Beautiful Lou - they look like they are inviting a cuddle, and you are so organised to get Holly's Xmas gift done (and the vintage highchair to go with - yah!). Sorry to read about your Huz, "Bugger" is all I have to say on that (in true Kiwi Toyota ad style). Hope its not too painful and he is up and running -well hobbling soon. xx

  4. oooooooh prettyyyy!!! you're so creative and talented!!!!!!!!


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