Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Wardrobe Wednesday

What a difference a week brings. Who would have thought last wardrobe wednesday that in the coming week my city would take a journey into hell at the hands of a 7.1 magnitude earthquake. Anyway, this is me, amongst the aftershocks and probably looking a lot more tired than I did last week!

Dress: Mesop (I got this brand new, tags still on, from the op shop for about 1/10th the original price tag- such a score IMO)
Cardigan: I am embarrassed to admit to this one but it came from Supre (aka, trashy teen fashion store)
Leggings: Glassons
Shoes: Hannah's

More wardrobe sneak peaks here.


  1. You look pretty good for someone in a disaster zone girl!

  2. I agree with Clare, you look great! I remember when you got that dress at the op shop, such a gorgeous find. As for the cardi, I know what you mean, but I've got the same one in grey! It actually is a really comfy cardi for the warmer weather.

  3. You look very good indeed! That colour is lovely on you :) Glad you're in one piece.

    Our Big Adventure

  4. Love that green dress, I'm very envious of your op shopping skills!! I'll admit I have a supre garment in my wardrobe... a good shopper leaves 'no stone unturned' huh? Aftershocks and flu are doing my head in - I need sleep!

  5. That dress is a very pretty colour (and a great score!). Glad to hear you're okay after the quake/s.

  6. Love the ensemble and the colour on you. My heart goes out to you with the continuing rumbles x

  7. I've had my thinking cap on all day as to what I can do up here in Auckland craft wise to help / send / raise money for Canterbury . . . I thought about dolls for the kids, Christmas decorations for the families, pillow cases for the families, . . . do you have any ideas as to what is needed? And if I was to start a Craft for Canterbury drive where I could send it to?

  8. hope your all recovering from the quake - that must have been horrible! i love the colour of the dress - a great find indeed!

  9. What a gorgeous Springy hue! And your sandals are lovely. You look pretty great to me...hope all is starting to return to normal in your world :)


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