Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Wardrobe Wednesday

Ok, so I thought I would join in the fun of Wardrobe Wednesday. The weather has been pretty bloody awful here this week and I am so over rain. I am dreaming of long summer days where all I need to wear is a summer dress, sigh.

My outfit today is cheap and cheerful. An ezybuy singlet, a glassons cardigan and a pair of jeans I got for free at the swaporama. The boots are my favorites from Hannah's and my scarf is a lovely felted wool number from chalkydidgets.


  1. You do look warm and comfy - I love Chalky Digits prints :)

  2. You look comfy and chic all at the same time! Love the boots! :o)

  3. i love that we can get away with wearing just a singlet and cardi in nz winters :)

  4. wow - was taking a peek at your previous posts and was amazed that there is a wardrobe wednesday out there, as I've just started doing the exact same thing on my blog (unbeknowns to me that some other chicky - do was as well) - I'm loving those boots! they look great!


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