Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Domestically Disabled

I have come to the conclusion that I suffer from a serous affliction.. I am domestically disabled. Sure, I can knit and sew. I can clean, and for the most part I keep a tidy house, mostly because of my dislike of clutter, which makes my house probably appear tidier than it really is. I hear you saying "that all sounds great, not at all like a domestically disabled person. What are you on about?" So, here it is, my dirty little secret- I am a terrible cook and I almost never bake. I do try but I think maybe it is something genetic, maybe I inherited a defective cooking gene. See my mother (and her mother before her) were terrible cooks too (sorry mum!). It is not like I don't try. Every so often, I forget I have this disability and think 'hay, I might bake something'.....

This happened yesterday. Now these were out of a box, one of those just add an egg and water. Not hard to stuff up, right? WRONG! If George Bush had found these cupcakes in Iraq, he would have declared that he had indeed found 'weapons of mass destruction'. They are like very small, horrible tasting rocks. The only reason we even bothered to ice them was because Holly really, really wanted to do the sprinkles bit. Poor child took one bite before quickly handing it back to me and shaking her head.

I will not be defeated though. 

Today, I bought a cookbook full of recipes that small children are meant to like. Lord knows I could do with the help, wish me luck!


  1. hehe, that's hillarious...It's so nice to *meet* another battler. I have a defective gene too, although this affects many pursuits. For what it's worth I think they look terrific!
    Blame the box I say! Goodluck, I'm sure you'll do great, despite your doubts:)

  2. I'm with you! I pretty much bake out of guilt, I don't enjoy it much at all, but I try...sometimes...

  3. Well my house is seriously trashed 90% of the time :(
    Good luck with that book, it's got some lovely ideas, the main one I have gone with is cauliflower in with my macaroni and cheese.

  4. oh what a crack up! I think in this case you should always blame the oven!!! thats a great looking book though - enjoy...x

  5. Blame it on the box, Lou! They don't look too bad at all...shame they failed the toddler taste test though :-( I find cooking a lot less enjoyable now that I have two toddlers. There simply isn't the time to really enjoy it! Although, my (nearly) three year old enjoys helping me cook now...when we bake muffins we end up with more flour on the floor than in the bowl, but she has fun. And fun is what it's all about, isn't it :-)

  6. haha! My Mum can't bake and isn't a great cook either. Growing up any biscuits she used to bake for us she used to call rock cakes. We thought that was how they were meant to be. Veges used to be boiled until they were almost mush - ick! But she can sew and knit. My sister inherited that 'terrible cook' gene but she won't admit it. Her idea of baking is making neenish tarts using bought cases and melting chocolate. Luckily that gene skipped me - I bake like my Great Aunty and most things seem to turn out great :) And yay for a clutter-free house!

  7. Ha, ha, you're funny. Since I've been living in NZ I've felt like a domestic outcast as I have never met so many woman who like to sew, knit & bake! In the UK none of my friends did anything apart from shop (clothes are so cheap there you'd be nuts to make them) and buy cakes from Marks & Spencers! I have overcome my fear of cooking as I don't want my children to be as useless as I am, but have yet to sew anything other than a button on since a gone ed teacher scared the life out of me when a I was 13! Unfortunately I fear I shall have to beat this too as my girls are getting into dancing and there are costumes to make for shows - argh!

  8. Let's swap skills - I can bake but my house is a mess. I Curse my inability to keep a straight house and them bake some muffins to feel batter about it.

    As for the cupcakes - it was the box. I have yet to be impressed with these cakes and have seen these very ones left on plates at kids parties. However if you need a go-to box of baking the Betty Crocker Fudge is great - not too hot so the kids can stir too, and the Chocolate brownie is brilliant - you don't even have to admit it came from a box.


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