Saturday, August 28, 2010

Hello Spring! Welcome to my world.

Although it is not officially spring for a few more days, spring has defiantly been in the air here the last few days. This is the littlest one's first spring and I think I can safely say, she is gonna love it. 

Now that she is on the move the world is her oyster. The beach has lots of new and interesting experiences and although she discovered sand is not as tasty as it may look, she also discovered that paddling in the ocean IS a lot of fun (especially when you have your Pop there to help you)

Even though the water was still freezing, it was fun to pretend that summer is not too far away.

Roll on Spring!


  1. What a gorgeous cheeky grin!

  2. That first photo is just too cute for words! What a great way to get your energy levels back up Lou. Hope it worked! xx

  3. Well Hello Isla! Cute photos, I'm all inspired to got to the beach tomorrow, I had plans for Saturday but life conspired to get in my way!

  4. Oh yes lots of fun and exciting times ahead! beautiful pictures:)

  5. Bring on Spring indeedy! Your little one seems to be very happy with the change of season. Adorable.

  6. Hi Lou,
    Don't know what happened, but I somehow dropped off your followers list! Looking forward to see your Fathers' Day pressies this year - where did you say you got those DAD letters last year?

  7. I love your photography! Just saw your bunting tutorial pic - off for a look at it! :-)


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