Friday, April 23, 2010

Vintage Baby!

There is something about vintage toys that really appeals to me. Maybe it is because they remind me of my own happy childhood. Or maybe it is the simplicity of them. They require no batteries and allow so much more imagination play than many modern toys.

Here are a few of the vintage toys that currently call our house home-

A little pram from Kilmarnock enterprises.

My Sister's 1970's Fisher Price record player. Yes thats right- records. From a time long ago, before ipods, before CDs and even before tapes, people used to play records. 
A lovely little 1960's Fisher price ferris wheel.

A little vintage dolls outfit. This was made by either my Mother or Sister in the 1970's and I think it is just too cute for words.


  1. omg aren't they so much cuter than toys today! I'm guilty of buying too many toys but I made sure they were the types of toys that will last the distance (Fisher Price, Hot Wheels, Little Tikes) and hopefully in 30 years time someone else will be playing with them

    Lovely post :D

  2. Oh my goodness, these are so lovely! When I think of all the things we have just thrown away over the years...I remember that little record player...

  3. I loved that "merry go round" as a child.

    What a lucky home these toys have!


  4. Lovely! I'm a big fan of vintage toys too! My kids are playing with my sister's 1978 loving family dolls house at the moment. Love that ferris wheel.

  5. ohhhhh I remember having that record player too. I must search one out for Arlo :)

  6. I had one of those Fisher Price record players in the 1970' was by far my favourite toy!!

  7. I used to have one of those record players too! Oh, wow, the memories! You have a fabulous collection of toys, brilliant!


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