Sunday, April 11, 2010

And then she rolled

Last night was a bit of a shocker in our house. The little one had her first cold and was feeling a bit sorry for herself. I don't think she could master how to breathe with a blocked nose, which translated into very little sleep for the both of us. I woke up this morning with blurry eyes, laying the little one on her tummy in the cot as she was still snoozing. I went about my morning rituals and soon heard happy cooing coming from the bedroom. To my surprise when I returned, she was lying on her back, happily watching her mobile. Her first roll and I missed it! Her first little roll turned what could have felt like a long tired day into one filled with happiness. She really is a little ray of sunshine.


  1. hope she gets better soon
    and hope you manage to catch up on your sleep

    hope also that you get to see her roll over for yourself real soon

  2. That melts my heart, what a precious moment.. how very special those little milestones are - HUGE in mama land! Hope her cold is improving & you can all sleep better tonight...


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