Saturday, April 3, 2010

The easter bunny

The easter bunny came to our house this morning. It was the first year we have 'done' easter, with Holly being old enough to enjoy it. We had a little egg hunt round the house this morning. It was great fun watching Holly egg spotting. Also, could not resist making a couple more of these lovely little rabbits, one for each of my girls.

In keeping with the spirit of easter, Kirstin at Squidgyums is having an easter giveaway of one of her great little kids sleaveless hoodies. They look amazing so well worth entering. 


  1. pleased Holly had fun :)
    loving your bunnies

  2. The bunnies are gorgeous. The Easter Egg hunt sounds like great fun and good idea doing it inside!

  3. Pop into my blog. I have a surprise for youx


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