Monday, January 25, 2010

Walking the floor boards

The littlest one is suffering from colic. Every night she cries. It is so hard to watch her little face twist in pain. The only thing that seems to ease the tears is walking. The other night as I walked a path around our living room for the umpteenth time, I looked at the floorboards and started to wonder how many other mothers had walked these same floor boards over the hundred years or so that this house has stood here? I decided there must have been at least a couple. In thinking about these babies that have long ago grown up and left this house, I was struck with how fleeting babyhood really is. One day all too soon Isla will be grown up. So for now, I wont will the evenings away but rather hold my little one close and remind myself that one day, I will look back on these nights I walked the floor boards with fondness.


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