Saturday, January 16, 2010

Baking day

Today the weather was cold and wet outside, crazy when it is meant to be the middle of summer! Decided it was a good day to teach Miss Holly how to bake. She is such a fabulous little helper, always lending a hand with house cleaning or hanging out the washing so I thought she would enjoy her first foray into the kitchen. For christmas, our family did a homemade present swap. I made cowboy cookie jars as my gifts and had one left spare so we used that today to bake our cookies. For anyone interested, you can get the recipefrom , they make a fabulous gift idea.
Cowboy cookie jars we made up for christmas gifts
My little baker, standing on a chair to reach the counter top
Mixing the ingredients
She was meant to be helping roll them into balls but preferred to eat the ingredients!
The finished product- very yummy!

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