Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Demistifying modern cloth nappies

As many of you may of you may know, I have a bit of a 'thing' for modern cloth nappies (MCN). Initially, I chose to use MCN for economic reasons but quickly fell in love with how cute they looked and I have also become increasingly aware of their positive environmental attributes. I thought I might provide you with a bit of a run down on the advantages of MCN as well as an outline of the different types of MCN available today.

Benefits of MCN
  • MCN do not contain the chemicals that disposables do, making them ideal for sensitive skin. 
  • The incidence of nappy rash is reduced as you are able to tell when a nappy is wet and change it more frequently.
  • They are made from soft breathable fabrics making them comfortable for baby to wear.
  • Their shaped to fit well with adjustable closures to allow the fit to be customised to fit your baby.
  • Pocket nappies allow you to adjust absorption to suit your babies needs.
  • You can save thousands of dollars compared to using disposable nappies.
  • MCN are easy to use.
Types of MCN

All In Ones (AIO)
AIO's consist of a lining layer, absorbent inner and a waterproof cover all sewn together. They are trim fitting and very easy to use. The only negative is that drying time is longer due to the fact that the internal layers cannot be separated out.

Pocket Nappies
The most popular choice in MCN. They consist of 2 parts, an outer made from waterproof material and a stay dry  liner. In between these two layers is a pocket opening which allows you to place your absorbent padding. 

Fitted Nappies
Made from absorbent fabrics with sewn in absorbency. They are shaped to create a snug fit around babies legs. This type of nappy requires a waterproof cover.

Nappy cover/wrap
Is a waterproof cover, generally used over a fitted or a prefold nappy. You will need to only change a cover every 3rd or 4th nappy change unless it becomes soiled. Covers come in a variety of fabrics including PUL, fleece or wool.

Is the modern version of a flat nappy. Made from 3 panels, it can be folded different ways to suit your babies needs. Most commonly, they are folded into 3 to form a pad that is then laid inside a cover. This is the most economical nappy system.

Most people that use MCN, quickly become addicted to them. In my opinion, they is nothing cuter than the sight of a little cloth bottom!


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