Saturday, January 23, 2010

My big girl

There is a certain irony that this should be my next post after my one about modern cloth nappies but it appears Miss Holly has decided to toilet train herself. We have had a potty in the living room for a while now and Holly has used it a few times when asked but it is not something we have pushed. Well the last few days she has decided that nappies are not for her anymore and she has been taking herself off to use the potty! I am surprised how quick and easy it has come to her. I had imagined I would have to initiate it alot more but so far all I have had to do is get ridiculously excited when she shows me the full potty and give her a chocolate button for every 'deposit' .  I am so proud of her as her nappy days start to come to an end but at the same time there is a tinge of sadness as she throws off the last vestiges of babyhood. My little girl is quickly growing into a big girl.

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