Thursday, February 3, 2011

A New Cardigan

This week I have been knitting a new cardigan for myself, using this pattern and knit from cleckheaton country wool. I was a tad lazy, rather than working out the maths on increasing the chest measurement from a 31 to a 36 inch bust, I have instead chosen to use double 8ply on a larger needle. This has increased my stitch count by about 1/8th, so I am hoping it will work out ok fit wise.

I am just loving how it is coming along and can't wait to get it finished. Sadly though, I cut the end of my finger and it is hurting too much when I knit tonight, so may have to leave it a day or two, which is so frustrating when I am on the home straight!


  1. Lou, I have no idea what any of your 'knit-speak' means, but it sounds good! LOL What a delightful shade of blue, this is going to look gorgeous on you! I hope your finger feels better so you can finish your cardigan soon...and don't forget to post photos! :-)


    P.S. Thanks for entering my of luck!!

  2. I knew it was Shalom as soon as I saw the's lovely!

  3. Looks great! Thanks for the pattern.

  4. Your cardigan looks lovely and I just adore the pretty blue yarn you are using :) Hope your finger heals quickly so you can knit some more :)

  5. Your stitch markers are very pretty, too!

  6. I'm off to check out the pattern, it is looking gorgeous!


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