Sunday, February 20, 2011

Flea Market Finds

I think these two have to be the cheapest finds I have ever come across thrifting. A small rimu plate and bowl. Both only measure about 15cm across, making them the perfect size for little hands. They need to be sanded back but with a coat of beeswax, I am thinking they are going to look lovely. The perfect addition to the girls play kitchen.

So how cheap were they? I paid a grand total of $1.

More flea market finds here.


  1. I love the darker one, I always cant help myself when see things like that, its a really nice shape. I bet paper plates cost more than those did! Great finds!

  2. Great idea! Totally suitable for little ones to serve Dandelion cake and pebble soup in!

  3. those are fantastic...I have a 'thing' for wooden bowls...i love to walk around the house with an oiled rag and rub them....very relaxing.
    and thank you, friend, for your beautiful words on my blog post...I wish you all the best and your children are beautiful cherubs who are lucky to have a mum like you <3 xoxoxox

  4. Its so satistfying when you find something great thrifting :)


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